An American is accidentally injured every second and killed every three minutes by a preventable event.2

Should the unexpected occur, it's important to make sure your family's finances are secure. An accident insurance plan from AAA Washington and The Hartford can help ease financial burdens that come with an unexpected injury or death. Our exclusive member plans offer coverage that can help your family with medical bills, debt, mortgage payments, and in the worst of cases, funeral expenses.

Our Plan Features

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Quick and easy online enrollment process
  • No medical exams!

Benefit amounts increase over time

Our AAA Member Rewards Program automatically increases your coverage by 20% for every consecutive year of AAA membership through your 6th year - at no additional cost to you.

Accidental Death Insurance

Washington Priority Reward Accident Insurance Plan

Provides anywhere, anytime accidental death coverage against all causes of accidents to help keep you and your family protected.

Provides cash benefits when death occurs within one year of a covered accident.

Accident Hospital Daily Benefit: Up to $400/day (Up to $146,000/yr)

Accidental Death Benefit Principle Sum: Up to $40,000

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Accident Insurance

Classic Care Accident Insurance Rewards Plan

Help protect your financial security with both hospitalization and accidental death benefits in the event of a covered accident.

These benefits can help provide important protection for your family, and benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance you might have.

Accidental Death Benefit Principle Sum: Up to $60,000

Accident Hospital Daily Benefit: Up to $600/day (Up to $219,000/yr)

Recuperation Benefit: Up to $600/day (Up to $219,000/yr)

Outpatient Care Benefit: Up to $600 (6x per year)

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